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 Few Things...

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Few Things... Empty
PostSubject: Few Things...   Few Things... I_icon_minitime26/3/2012, 5:19 am

1. Sub Class skill - Critical Chance should give +30% crit rate. But it gives just +30 pionts.
(tested on 3 different chars)

2. Dual Blades - Hellblade*Hellblade when enchanced should give +109 Crit. (same as many other DualBlades)
...so it does not gives Crit at All ! Smile
And Indicated dmg (more than 800) is incorrect. - Its identical with Top Freya duals.

//...but at least indicated atk. speed *fast* looks ok (it gives about +100 atk. spd) //

3. Wings isn't aviable at Try On! Sad

...4? - Custom Gold armor is cool and works properly. - Dark one has the same bonuses, but way lower P.Def.!

Maybe it's just icon glitch, but at the moment I dont wana spend 40 Vote Cubes to figure that out! Laughing

...Thats it... so far... scratch
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Few Things...
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