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 Forum FAQ and Server Rules

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PostSubject: Forum FAQ and Server Rules   Forum FAQ and Server Rules I_icon_minitime7/11/2010, 8:30 am

• Forum FAQ & SERVER Rules •

••• Forum and Server •••

•Respect the other game and
forum members.

•Behind of every character/avatar
a real human exist! Respect his/her
rights because are exactly the same with yours!

•We have Democracy / Republic so...
let the others to write their opinion
and do the same with opened mind.
•what really matters, is dialogue and debate.

•You can have dual boxes (unless in event time)
but you can't Bot-ing in any way.
L2W and L2Net are FORBIDDEN!!!

••• Server •••

• Chat Ban •

• Spamming in:
Trade, Hero Voice, and Shout!
• This is a multinational server so chatting in
global channels should be in english.
Any other language is prohibited!
• Improper behavior (verbal or otherwise)
will not be tolerated and will be
dealt with accordingly
• The Gm team is here to monitor the game and
to assure a healthy in game enviroment.
They are not here to provide players
with items or other services that
would risk the stability of this server.

• Jail •

• Bug abuse could result in a temporary or
permanent suspension of your game account!
(depending on the form of violation)
• Improper behavior could result in a temporary
or permanent suspension of your game account
• Olympiad feeding is prohibited and punishable
by player imprisonment!
• Scammers will not be tolerated and
will be dealt with accordingly!

• Character or Account Ban •

• The use of any 3rd party software
is a bannable offence!
• Verbal assault against an
LII HellRaiser Team representative,
is a bannable offence!
• An LII HellRaiser GM holds the right to
suspend temporarily or permanently
a game account if by his judgement
the players proves to be harmfull
to the server enviroment
without prior notice.
• If at any time you feel that
an LII HellRaiser representative acts
on questionable judgement or is
ill affecting the stability
of this server, contact us
through this link and a proper investigation
will commence immediately...

Server owner: "LII HELLRAISER" Community!
Thu. 2010/11/07
Read also NCsoft's Rules and FAQ:


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Forum FAQ and Server Rules
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